Saturday, 10 November 2012

Unit 1

1 ) Which of the following is true about solitary animals ?
A ) They share their food.
B ) They live in small groups.
C ) They hunt for food together.
D ) They have their own territory.

2 ) Why do solitary animals usually compete to be in control of a territory?
A ) To invite more animals into its territory.
B ) To protect the limited food and space.
C ) To provide food for their own species.
D ) To prove the dominant characteristic.

3 ) The following statement shows a situation.
A herd of bulls can gore a fierce tiger to death.
Which of the following is true about the statement ?
A) Bulls are solitary animals.
B) A bull is always tougher than a tiger.
C) Bulls protect themselves by hunting for the same food.
D) A herd of bulls are capable of protecting themselves from their enemy.

4) Which is the following animals has undergone extinction?
A) Lion
B) Monkey
C) Elephant
D) Dodo bird

5) Which of the following is the reason why lions live in a group?
A) To eat lesser food.
B) To protect their young.
C) To protect themselves from their prey.
D) To protect the tougher animals in the habitat.

6) What is meant by interaction among living things?
A) The interaction among the same species of living things.
B) The interaction between different species of living things .
C) The interaction among living things that live in the same habitat.
D) The interaction among livings to obtain their limited basic needs.

7) Which of the following statements is true about competition among living things?
A) Turtle compete to secure a suitable place to lay their eggs by the shore.
B) Male deer fight among themselves for shelter.
C) Trees in forest grow tall to obtain sufficient sunlight.
D) The Young bryophyllum leaves that grow on the adult leaf will compete for water only.

8 ) The following information shows the basic needs of animals.
P – Food
Q – Sunlight
R – Mate
S – Shelter
Which among P,Q,R and S give rise to competition among animals?
A) Q and R only
B) Q and S only
C) P, Q and R only
D) P, R and S only

9) Which of the following basic needs causes competition among plants
I Sunlight
II Carbon dioxide
III Space
IV Water
A) II and IV only
B) III and IV only
C) I, II and III only
D) I,III and IV only

10) Conservation of the living things means
A) to preserve and maintain living things.
B) to ban illegal hunting in forests
C) to encourage reforestation.
D) to care for living things.

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